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General Info

Mrs Maria Tsaboula, has played a major role in the foundation of Hellenic Biotech Association (Greek: "Ένωση Βιοτεχνολογίας Ελλάδος") in February 2006, aiming to promote biosciences and their applications, as well as the interests of Greek biotech companies and institutions in European and International bodies.

The aims, vision and structure of the Hellenic Biotechnology Association were finalised in agreement to the decisions made during the General Assembly in March 2008. The Board is comprised of 5 full members, who have the right to vote, with the provision to invite temporary and honorary members who may participate in Board Meetings but having no voting rights. Furthermore, there are three (3) Workgroups, comprised of specialised associates dedicated to each of the Red, White and Green biotechnology areas, respectively.

The mission and scope of the Hellenic Biotechnology Association can be summarized under the following points:
  • The promotion of Biotechnology (Agriculture, Environment, Healthcare, Bio – economy) and Biosciences and their applications in Greece and globally, from a scientific, social, institutional, political and legal point of view.
  • The promotion of the interests of bio – companies and other institutions dealing with biotechnology and biosciences.
  • The representation of Hellenic biotechnology companies and institutions in European and International bodies.
  • The provision of assistance and the transfer of technology in SE Europe and other developing countries.
More specifically, the Association aims to:
  • Become the “voice for Biotechnology” in Greece.
  • Undertake an important and active role within the framework of relevant activities within the European Community, by taking advantage of its membership in the Board of EuropaBio.
  • Become the official representative for the collective number of biotechnology companies in Greece.
  • Ensure that biotechnology-based enterprises become a lever for developing and strengthening of the Greek economy.
  • Promote the creation of a Biotechnology and Biosciences Park.
  • Contribute to the development of the Hellenic Venture Capital Fund, in support of new, innovative enterprises within the field of Biotechnology.
  • Contribute to training of scientists and informing the public about matters concerning biotechnology and biosciences.
  • Participate in national and European programs.

  • Download the Code of Ethics (in Greek).
HBA, Hellenic Biotech Association